Frequently Asked Questions

Why join the Kai Shin Kai?

The KSK is a traditional aikido association but it doesn't follow any one particular 'guru'. Clubs are allowed a degree of flexibility to follow their own direction and share their skills as long as the tenets of Aikido as taught by O-Sensei are followed.

My annual membership has lapsed. How can I renew it?

It's important to keep your membership up to date. If it has lapsed, download a membership form from the downloads section and then post it to the registrar along with your cheque. If your membership has lapsed for some time, but you still have your old KSK number, please be sure to mention it as it is sometimes possible to 'ressurect' an old record. Lapsed insurance certificate numbers are not needed.

I don't have a cheque book. Can you take card details?

It's easier for us to take cheques. So firstly, ask your instructor or a friend if they will act as a go between and issue a cheque on your behalf. If this is not possible, then contact the registrar for details about electronic payment.

Can I use electronic payment?

Yes, However...
Cheques are sent directly to the KSK Registrar so he knows that payment has been received and can immediately issue a membership slip.
Electronic payment is only seen by the KSK Treasurer, and only then if he studies the bank statements. It is therfore Crucial that you make any accompanying text VERY clear!
E.g. "Renewal KSK No 666" or "Piotr Perfecto - Renewal"
so that the Treasurer can easily identify it and pass the details on to the Registrar who can then issue your certificate.

That's why it's much easier for us if you send a cheque. So please do ask your instructor or a friend if they will act as a go between and issue a cheque on your behalf and leave electronic payment as a last resort.

Can I set up a direct debit to pay annual membership?

This is not an available option at present.

How do I find out about Aikido Alliance UK Insurance Cover?

Details can be found by clicking on this link