Coach Refresher Courses

The Coaching courses set up by the British Aikido Board have been extremely successful in providing access to basic coaching principals and techniques throughout the member associations. As a consequence, coaching skills have been improved, accident levels have been low and this has had a very positive contribution on both our member and coach insurance costs.

There is however, a feeling that there should be access to refresher courses as people may not remember very much from a two day course taken, say, ten years ago. Rather than require coaches to re-attend the coach course again, the BAB have put together a one day refresher course made up of both classroom and practical elements.

For the most part, the content differs from the CL1 course, encompassing parts from all coach levels and is definitely of practical value for you.

The criteria being considered at the moment is that the course should be attended as with CPD (continuous professional development) for those of us who took their coaching course more than 3 years ago, unless they have taken at least one module from the CL2 or CL3 course requirements in that time. In that instance, it is being considered as best practice to take the refresher course not more than 5 years after taking their coaching course.